Vanilla-Citrus-Honey Sangria

The most refreshing summer bev just got even easier ā€” simply mix up the fruit base, then top with a bottle of wine!

1 c.fresh orange juice plus 2 oranges, sliced
3 tbsp.honey
1 vanilla bean, cut horizontally in half
1 750-mL bottle wine


In a pitcher, whisk together orange juice and honey. Scrape in pulp from vanilla bean and whisk again, then add scraped vanilla bean and orange slices. Top with wine.

Ingredient Benefits

A concentrated source of vitamin C, you get quadruple-duty from this water-soluble vitamin – it’s a powerful antioxidant that plays a central role in immune function while it also promotes bone formation, supports your body’s natural response to wound healing, and promotes gum health. It’s also rich in folate, which is needed for DNA synthesis (and supports healthy baby growth and development during the fetal stage). The potassium in orange juice helps regulate blood pressure, prevents bone loss, and protects against heart disease and stroke.

Adding Orange Vitality essential oil into the mix means your body will more readily absorb the nutrients in your orange juice, plus you’ll get the added health benefits of a limonene-rich oil that supports healthy circulation and fluid retention, normal cell growth, supports the immune system, and even brightens and smooths the complexion.

Honey is known for it’s cleansing properties and naturally puts up a good fight to keep our bodies healthy. When you tap into locally grown and pure honey, you may also be getting extra support during seasonal changes to keep your sniffer sneezeless. (If it’s 100% honey, it’ll have pollen in it that actually helps build your immune system up.)

Kick up the flavor a notch by juicing oranges yourself and combining the ingredients a day ahead so the flavors have extra time to combine. Here’s what you need to sip your last summer nights away.

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